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I was good enough for Zack Morris

So I like many tuned into Lifetimes "The Unauthoized Saved by the Bell Story". Yes Saved by the bell is happy part of my memory from my teenage years. Who didn't want to attend Bayside?
Kelly, Jessie, and Lisa were the girlfriends we wish we had as our best friends. Who didn't want to date Zach and Slater?
Well I'm team Zach, so sorry Slater.
One thing about the movie I learned was in real life Mark Paul Gosselaar dated Lark Voorhies (Zach & Lise). My heart did jump and jacks, I was so over joyed.(probably a little too overjoyed)
Even though Zach and Lisa had one episode were they explored the idea of dating and kissed in one episode. That's all we got, one episode even though they agreed to start dating and never did. With all the "subjects" the writer decided to tackle I wonder if interracial dating was totally off limits.  Was it totally unfathomable that could ever take place?
I can't really recall but as a young black girl did the thought ever cross my mind, secretly did I hope Lisa would catch Zach's eye or by that time was I already programmed to know better.  Even though at the time my parents were in an interracial marriage (black mom/white father) the images I seen never supported that idea.
Now as a grown woman I don't see color, when a man catches my eye he catches my eye. I do not discriminate when it comes to men.
Now I won't lie I did go through a period when I thought I should only date black men because of the lack of black positive power couples. I think most young black girls are left with the impression we are only suppose to date black men. Maybe subconsciously we are led to believe we are not good enough to date anyone else nor beautiful enough to catch the eye of the blond hair blue eyed kid.
I never know these feeling were inside til I watched "The Unauthoized Saved by the Bell Story". Seeing a picture take many years ago of Mark Paul Gosselaar and Lark Voorhies brought pure joy to my soul. I felt vindicated in some weird way, that the little black girl was actually good enough for Zack Morris, that I actually had a chance and my crush was not in vein. Well in real life I was good enough.
At the end of the day I believe love is blind and sees no color, we are free to love who we choose.