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Welcome to Hydeia Broadbent's Official Website

"The World has watched me grow from a gifted little girl to a woman with a passion and mission."

Hydeia's Mission Statement:

My mission is simply to inform & create dialogue around HIV/AIDS in our homes, communities, educational institutions & church's. 

My life's mission is met in two folds: first to use my life as a prevention tool for those who are HIV negative to make informed decisions to stay HIV negative, and also for those living with HIV/AIDS to find hope and inspiration to not allow HIV or AIDS to hold them back from living their best life.  

In 2018 we must empower our women when it comes to HIV/AIDS. One of the main factors in contracting HIV for some women is simply low self-esteem, poor relationships skills and lack of self-love.  I want to encourage and empower women to fight and protect their sexual health with skills and tools for a better life.

As we look at the rate of HIV infection rates among women

  • ~ One in four people living with HIV infection in the United States are women.
  •  ~ 84% of new HIV infections in women are from heterosexual contact
  • ~ The fourth largest number of all new HIV infections in the United States in 2010 (5,300) occurred among African American women with heterosexual contact. Of the total number of estimated new HIV infections among women, 64% (6,100) were in African Americans, 18% (1,700) were in whites, and 15% (1,400) were in Hispanic/Latino women.
  • ~ In 2010 women made up 20% of the estimated 47,500 new HIV infections in the United States.

Knowing your HIV status is not only a representation of self-love but also states what type of person you choose to be. Not knowing your HIV status and having unsafe sexual relationships means you could possibly be infecting others. Early diagnosis can be the difference between life and death; too many people become aware of their status when it is too late for life-saving medications to be effective. I have said this time and time again, I am in this fight because I truly do not want others to go through what I have gone through but also  keep in mind, a positive test result doesn't have to mean a death sentence!