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The girl born HIV positive, lives to see 34!

 All glory to God, I've lived to see another birthday.

June 14th, 1984 I entered the world.

I am apart of a unique group of individuals.
The first generation of children born HIV positive.
My adoptive parents were told I would not live past of the age of 5.
I've lived to see countless HIV positive men & women not only live for decades but also produce children, naturally. Children who were born HIV negative.
We know those on treatment for HIV, can prevent their sexual partners from contracting HIV.
Treatment as prevention. In order for this to work, we must be willing to fight and stand up to stigma around HIV

Today on this day, I make declaration, I am here, a force to be reckon with. 
These last few years have been extremely difficult; struggles with depression, which reached scary points. A depression so dark, I was not sure how I would see the beauty in life again. I was unsure of how I'd pull myself back up. I now have a new outlook, I'm able to now see the blessing's, and lesson's from my valley.

 I am a warrior, I raise each day, with purpose, while still being a work in progress.

I am not asking for a seat at the table, I'm creating my own!
I'm grateful for my biology parents whom I pay respect to, their struggles, and hardships left deep wounds unto their children.  
Without my biology parent, I would not be here today. 
My life would not have contributed to making history. To being able to help make life better for countless individuals around the world.

I'm grateful to be a transparent individual. 
An individual God give the ability to  turn something seen by society as a negative into a positive 😄
Just because others may not be educated about HIV/AIDS does not mean I will be forced into being a wall flower. I will date, I will flirt, I'm going to walk in my truth.
"We live in a society of an imposed forgetfulness, a society that depends on public amnesia." - Angela Davis

I will not allow you to forget me!

Thank you to my team.

Photographer & Editor:  Brittany Martin, Owner of Sweetface Images
Instagram: Sweetface Images

Makeup: Bre Khounphinith( Beauty By Bre)
Instagram: BeautybyBre

Hair: Vaida Franklin
Instagram: Vaida_jxj

Executive Assistant/ Photo shoot producer: Kalani Davis.  

I would like to give a big thank you to all of my family, and friends who stuck by me these last few years. I acknowledge I was not the easiest to love, nor to understand during this process. For the ones that made it through the storm with me, your loyalty, love and dedication will be honored. 
When one wins, we all win. 


  1. Hi you don't know me but my mother named me after you in the 90s when you went on the Oprah show. I want you to know people are always praying for you and always wishing you the best. Prosper and live well my spiritual sister

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  2. Absolutely STUNNING. AMAZING. RESILIENT. INSPIRING. We are you sis! You are us! Walk in faith... WE GOT YOUR BACK!

  3. Happy Birthday Soror Broadbent my fellow Geminis.. Enjoy your special day🎂💛🐩💙

  4. I am humbled and honoured to be named after you also. My mom named me after you in the 90s when you were on the montel show. I am so greatful to be named after such an inspiring woman. When anybody ask me where did my mom get that name I say you.... keep doing what you do hun. The world needs more women like you here...

  5. Happy birthday Soror Broadbent! 💛🐩💙🐩

  6. Hi Hydeia, you probably don't remember me, but I'm Tyran Trammel's Mom from Maryland. I met you in 1981 when you were a patient at the National Institute of Health (NIH) in Bethesda MD. You were on either the 5th or 8th floor I believe it was. Tyran was on the 13th floor, he had Burkitt's Lymphoma. I used to think that you were the prettiest little girl I had ever seen...and now you are the most beautiful and courageous young woman. I know it gets hard for you Darlin, but try not to ever lose your smile. Those eyes and that smile can light up any room and any heart. You are a beautiful, strong and courageous young woman. It does my heart good to see that you are still in the fight. I fell in love with you 25 yes ago when I met you and I love you still just as if you were my own. May God continue to bless you Sweetie.

  7. Happy Birthday precious you are a miracle to the world and you are here on this earth for a purpose so keep your head up high and stay encouraged and
    keep walking in your destiny

  8. Happy Birthday! I remember seeing you on TV for the first time as a little girl. You were educating us from the start. Kudos to continuing to be a warrior even when it is tough.

  9. You are a beautiful QUEEN!!!! Happy Birthday!!!



  12. Wow you have grown up to be a beautiful woman. Hi Hydeia you don't know or remember me but back in 1987 I was living in the house with you and the Broadbent family. My name is Melissa even tho I was there for a short time I know Pat and her two children a granddaughter and another adopted lil girl oh and Sheila and her daughter if I'm not mistaken. Any who I use to take care of you when I lived there and I've watched you grown and wow God is amazing cause you are an amazing young lady. Congratulations and Happy Birthday to you and many more to come.��������������

  13. Happy Belated Birthday to you sweetheart. You have always been in inspiration to me from the moment I've met you. Keep your head up high beautiful and always tell your truth.

  14. Happy Birthday gorgeous. Many many happy returns you are an inspiration

  15. Very inspirational happy belated birthday

  16. I remember seeing you on Oprah all those years ago...look at you now!! Happy Belated Birthday, may you continue to be in GOD'S blessings and favor. ��⚘

  17. I remember seeing you on Oprah all those years ago...look at you now!! Happy Belated Birthday, may you continue to be in GOD'S blessings and favor. ��⚘

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  20. Hi hydeia my name is Pierra we are born a month apart. And i remember your face and story from tv...i cried and prayed for u and all these years i never forgot u i just never thought to Google you. With us both turning 34 and to know u are alive and well i cant stop crying from joy..GOD is wonderful and i pray i can write u again when we turn and blessings