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Trying to embrace to my positive qualities

 This time during lockdown, I plan to trying to active,  all of my health traits. That mean I will be doing, less of drinking, and smoking . More of running, meditate, yoga , and learning myself. Taking the time, just be still, when I'm not working.

My goal is try, and be super health, healthier than I've ever been. My body is summer time ready. In order to do that, I know I must be in the best form, I've ever been in.   

In order to obtain this, I know I must stay, om my mental health game. Means I have keep myself in positive zone. Stay locked up, a small area, can make a person go mad. This go around, let's clean the closest that need to be cleaned, the stove that need to deep clean, time to clean. Let's get our home, mind, soul in order this locked period. 

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  1. I'm newly diagnosed hiv positive. The number one thing I can't get off my mind is regret. I wanna be positive but I can't get past the negative stigma that he's given me... indeed of some encouragement please