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Thank you for you're support!

Tonight I am taking a moment to say thank you, to each person who, has supported me, is supporting me, and continues. I can't express how much, that support means to me. Whether its a prayer, donation, or positive thought; Your energy is felt! I am grateful.

Learning to focus on the positive, instead of the negative. Which seems to be an overwhelming force these days. 2020 has not been easy, for anyone. I am doing my best, to redirect my attention from responding to negativity to  focusing on the good/ positive. It's hard when you are constantly feel like you are getting attacked. 

Social media has been a big part, of my advocacy work. Connecting with my followers, has always been a positive. At times when I felt alone, my social media friends, have kept me company, entertained me when I was feeling down, and brought me up, when I was feeling low.

That was my goal with my social media, to highlight positivity, and make people happy.

I think it was at the beginning of COVID-19, when the World started to change, I began to change with it. Looking over my choices, and how I was moving, it wasn't all that positive. I allowed energy to make me kind of cold hearted, and dark. Even this election can turn you ugly.  Because so many people are, in negative situation's they are allowing it to overtake them. 

I am a person who examines their behavior, I've never been afraid, to check myself, and work on correcting what I don't like. Inner work on myself is a staple, I live on.

I am grateful for each supporter who rocks with me. You are amazing, and you're love makes me a better person!

Thank you to each, and everyone of you, who rocks with me!




  1. I've always been inspired by your beautiful spirited nature since you were very young. I am so proud of the woman you have become and was truly grateful meeting you in person in Syracuse New York a few years ago. You are such a model and inspiration to others. Continue to let your light shine!

  2. I remember seeing your story on Maury, as a kid, and remember telling myself I admire your courage and heart. I even remember telling myself one day I would meet you and we will be friends. My family laughed at me though.
    I was sad though when you visited my college and I was not able to attend due to having a test that morning, but to later be able to see the video and hear your story meant a lot to me. Although we haven't met in person, I always have a smile on my face seeing pictures of you and posts you make about living life and making the best of everything coming your way. I will always call you my friend, regardless. You are greatness and definitely a very humble soul. Peace and blessings my friend.