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Saving my self in 2018

Hello to all of my amazing supporters & welcome first timers.

First let me say I hope you all have an amazing year this year (2018) .

I plan on posting more via my blog, maybe starting another blog for my off key interest (my followers know what I'm talking about😊).

This is what I plan to spend my time doing, working on my mental health. I've allowed too much time to go by thinking these issues would just disappear.
I want people to know its OK to say things from my childhood still affect me, its just making sure we do something to correct it instead of holding unto the pain.

I am making the choice to address and correct this because I miss my life, I miss my family & friends, I miss being an active part of my community.

I hope some of you will join me, and remember it doesn't matter how many times you start, all that matters is that you start.

Sidenote: Please leave my eye alone, its been that way for years but from not wearing my glasses unfortunately I've strained it more. I am aware!