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When you are empty and feel drained from this thing called life!

 She is Toni thee Braxton!

You would only get that line if you watched Toni Braxton behind the music or Braxton family values. I caught unto Braxton family probably in the second or third season.
My favorite is none other than Toni Braxton. During one season I witnessed as Toni was going through a period of wanting to be done with singing. For a moment she had fallen out of love with her craft, it was no longer her passion, it was no longer feeding her soul.  Because of an intervention between one of her sisters and Babyface, Toni stayed in music and went on to record another album, this time with Babyface and is now back touring.Very often others see our potential and light when we cannot.  Following Toni on Instagram and seeing her light up again as she performs in Africa truly inspired me this morning.

I to know what it feels like to fall out of love with your craft, with something that once give you life and purpose, something you were fueled with by passion, now leaves you empty.

As I go on to change from the "Activist" that others want me to be, it seems more and more like the world as turned its back on me. In all honestly it probably has, only for God to step in and finish his transformation. As I come into my own more and more I have the less popular opinion around HIV/AIDS educate and awareness especially around young people and what we should be treating them.
Developing and creating ones own projects are not for the weak at heart, over night success if really not over night success, its really ten years in the making.

Continues meetings and hearing no after no, learning the proper way business is done, learning about incorporating and nonprofits.
Networking while having very limited resources can drive one mad. 
 All why still doing ones own personal work on the inside.
These last few years of mine have truly been something else, if you follow me on social media you probably think "dang she has it all together" "dang she's really made it" honey only if social media captured the back story.

I know this vision I have is no small fish to fry, so I must be patient and trust the process.
I'm still inspired and no I am not giving up or quitting, I truly feel like there is a lot more work to do around HIV/AIDS, ummm we still have people becoming infected and those living with HIV/AIDS who are ashamed and lack the desire to live life because they feel they are hinder by this disease!

 If you are wondering why I have not been posting a lot about HIV/AIDS its because I had to step away and take a breather. My mental health was being affected and yes  I started to see someone.
(Therapy does not make you crazy, its not seeking help that drives people crazy.)

Well my passion is still there and I am not done, so much  more to come from me. I felt the need to write this post one simply because I was happy for Toni Braxton but things went left. 
I've wanted to share for sometime I was feeling down but the words would not come together, well today they did ha!
This weekend go out and find your happy!

when people ask me why I haven't been around..