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ThrowbackThursday: HIV PSA "Guess who?"

As I was going over some statistics this morning on HIV/AIDS one just stood out in my mind.

An estimated 50,000 new HIV infections occur in the U.S. each year. This got me thinking, what is it about HIV/AIDS that we don't take this disease seriously anymore?

Something I always hear when I present to youth groups (especially from the young men) is I don't "look" sick, I am too cute or too fine to have AIDS. While I love the compliment of being considered attractive, this is a crazy logic we must ease from our minds.
We believe there is a certain look to HIV/AIDS, like a person will have a flashing neon light above there head flashing.
The scary thing about HIV this day and age is a person can go up to ten years without showing any major symptoms, that means a lot of people are living with HIV right now and have no idea.
Actually its 1 in 7 with HIV are unaware of their HIV status.
This made of think of the second PSA I created with two dear friends of mind in-titled "Guess Who?" this PSA got a lot of traction on the internet and on blogs. While I'm always in shock of the statistics I thought it would be befitting to post this PSA again today.
I hope you will share it on your social media sites and please bring up the subject of HIV/AIDS to the young people in your life, they need to be aware and informed!

The link for direct post to social media is
or click on Guess who?  and use the YouTube page to send out the link.
This is how we address HIV/AIDS together.

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