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So now your mad at Pope Francis?

Gosh our society is fickled bunch I tell ya. First off I will say I am not Catholic so I did not understand the hype behind The Pope's visit. I cannot say I took a vested interest, I will say I was astonished by how many people were captivated by his coming to America. Maybe it was because of the media hype I am not sure but to each their own.

Now when news comes of the possibility of The Pope meeting with our favorite County Clerk Kim Davis boy did a few of you guys turn on this man with the quickness.
First off let me say I am no fan of Kim Davis, I believe she herself made a spectacle of the situation when it could have easy been avoided.  I am sorry but if you are in an election position and if that position interferes with your religious beliefs you should probably find another occupation or a way around doing your job without forcing your beliefs unto others while still severing The Lord. When it came to light others in the Clark's office could easily give out marriage license I was done with the whole situation but this is old news and its not about Kim Davis.

Because I watch the news I am aware The Pope took time to visit prison inmates, now many people seen this as a great act of kindness and forgiveness.
Did we ever stop to think about the families of the victims witnessing this on television and how they might have felt? Yet the public adored him for this move.
I believe this goes along with many religious philosophies, forgiveness is what we all must practice.  Do you see the double standard here?
Unfortunately we must forgive people, this is really hard and something I am working on myself.
Just amazed at how quick we turn on people before we know the whole truth or when their actions, no matter if  they align with their views, if we deem them unacceptable we flip on them.   This is a flaw in our society, we must be understanding and wait til all information is given.