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ThrowbackThrusday: Just me and Mariah

I've deiced to start my own "Throw back Thursday series, I'll be posting different blogs that intertwine with my childhood, or a just a "do you remember?" post.
First up Ms. Mariah Carey, darlings!
On July 18th (yes I know this post is super late) I attended her #1 to Infinity show at Caesar's Palace inside of The Coliseum. 
Highly suggested that you go see it once her residency starts again.
With all the ballads Mariah sings during the show, which will take you back and have you singing along like myself  (thankful I was seated next to a 12 year old)  the show never losses the energy of excitement.  For those of who you have been following my story since I first started speaking out, you may remember Mariah presenting me with The 1999 Essence Award that aired on fox. Can you believe it's been 16 years since the airing? I still get people who remember that show. Here is a short clip, sadly the video on YouTube is sliced. Hopefully I've be able to find the whole segment and upload it unto YouTube. Also you'll find Mariah's video "You Can't Take that Away" in which I'm featured with other amazing people who great stories of overcoming different obstacles that life throws at you.  

Just me and Mairah ;)
My dates for the evening: my Mother Patricia and younger sister Trisha. 

1999 Essence Award.

Can't Take that Away.

I have to give a special thank you to the Chambridge Group and AGE Live Las Vegas.
Thank you MC for helping to use your gift and platform to bring awareness to this cause!
Hope you all enjoyed the walk down memory lane!