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Scam targeting public speakers. Beware! Almost made it to South Africa

I've finally come to a point mentally where I can travel to the continent of Africa and truly take in the experience. My first go around was when I was 16 and went to Ghana, nope I wasn't ready. I had no interest in touring a Ghanaian slave port, I can remember the face I made and the thoughts that came to my mind when asked if I wanted to see the dungeons which held slaves in filthy, cramped conditions before they walked to ships carry them to America and elsewhere, through the "door of no return." Being 30 and in a different space, if the opportunity presented its self again I would take it.

 I use our history as a personal challenge to make sure I am the best version of myself, a person ancestors would be proud of. (I'm sure they would hate the fact I wear hair that isn't mine and acrylic nails but hey you win some and lose some, let me have this)

My second go-around with continent was when I had the chance to do a tour of Namibia in April of 2013. 
read about my experience here
Now this trip was a little better expect for the fact I was coming down with pneumonia and didn't know it. Can you image traveling with a high grade fever ,severe body aches and when my body is under serve stress I can lesions on my face. That's the reason I'm wearing a mask in some of my pictures but I MADE myself take in as much as possible and I did everything I could.

Now present day April 2015 I receive an email from " Arch.Bishop Thabo Makgoba" " Anglican Church of Southern Africa"
a request to speak at an upcoming conference in June. I'm thinking its kind of late but the state department also reached out kind of late and you'd be surprised how many events I take part in last minute.
As we continue communication everything seems legit, I'm sent a letter of invitation and a contract agreement from someone named " Edward Smith" and also communicate with a woman named "Linda Jacoline" from  "Department of Home Affairs, RSA" who was going to help me with my work permit.
The red flags started to come because I did not need a work permit when I went to Namibia, I didn't press the issue at first because its a different country so a different government.
The cost for the work permit is kind of high almost $1000, trust me they break it down.  I even negotiate to where the church pays for half of the fee and will reimburse for me the other half from the deposit I am to receive to hold the date.  
When it comes about sending off payment for the work permit everything is clear.
First Ms. Linda state department email address keeps bouncing back, this is why I listed the three different email address I communicate with from her. Big red flag,  " The State Department" does not accept business, personal checks or credit cards as form of payment. Payment is to be sent via western union to a single person. STOP hold the press, this is where I start to research and Google comes in handy at 5:30 am.
 Guess what I find a warring from Speakers Match and other articles.

They almost got me, but I guess the power of discernment kicked in plus the whole Western Union thing really blew it.  I am posting this for other speakers to be aware!!!!!!!!!!!
I even contacted the church, which is a real church and they informed me this is a scam that's being going around for about two years now.

Big disappointment because I was looking forward to seeing South Africa and helping spread HIV/AIDS awareness and promote love and acceptance for those living with HIV/AIDS. A lot of people are killed in different parts of Africa because of their HIV status.
Plus that dang deposit was going to be used to treat myself to a birthday cruise this year, last year big 30 celebration was a little bit of a let down.
Birthdays are a big deal around here!

It's just sucks people use God's name so lightly, these emails I received were filled with "God Bless" and "we received revelation" and you can guess what else.
People just need to stop and get it together!