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Dissatisfied with my current situation.

Why is it so hard to correct what we made wrong?
At this point in my life I’m rebuilding from the ground up, I wouldn’t say my life is a mess just some areas I’m currently in the process of cleaning up. I think I’ve written about this previously but I’ve been working on inner issues since about the age of 25/ 26. I can honestly say I’ve very pleased with the progress I’ve made, I actually like the woman I’m becoming. I still have a lot of work to do and grow spiritually but compared to where I was a few years ago and who I was, I’ve personally seen a big change and so have my loved one.  I have to be honest, there was a point and time where I had no goals, no focus and wasn’t planning for anything. I wasn’t taking care of home or my business. Just moving in life with no direction, often times when I think about that part of my life I have resentment, anger and pain but I redirect my mind and focus on the growth I made.
 I’m currently building my business, incorporating and building a team. Why is it so hard to find an awesome team? People who see the vision? People who know the vision will take time to build and aren’t looking for an immediate pay day? People who won’t lose focus or get discouraged after being told no. I don’t think I’m asking for too much. I admit I may not be the easiest people to work with, as much as I’m playful and joking on my videos and social media when it comes to my business I’m a beast. I will admit I had a lot to learn.  I started as a child and in all honestly no one taught me about the business side of what it is that I do.  Matter of fact it’s the business side of what I do that often brings me sadness but because I love connecting with members of my community, and raising awareness I’m in this game til we find and cure and beyond.  Just at moments I often ask why it is so hard to get right.
Why is it so hard to find the tools that you need to work with? Guess I’m just ready for everything in my life to be OK, not even right simply OK. I know I’m worth so much more than my current situation, people are often surprised when they met me how down to earth I am, well in all honestly I have no choice. My surroundings have kept me that way.  By no means am I rich or living the high life, just simply blessed. I’m really that girl from around the way who wears bamboo earrings and sometimes has a bad attitude. I am thankful for every opportunity that is before me. That is what keeps the light burning inside of me, the fact I know my current situation will not be my permeant situation.  Guess I’m just here to say it will be hard but just keep swimming, focus on the end goal and to my young people, stay focused. If you don’t have any goals get some! 

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