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International HIV/AIDS Activist Hydeia Broadbent's 35th birthday celebration.The #3530 Tour; Celebrating 35 years of life, 30 years of activism. My Essence return!

THIS BLOG POST IS OLD, it was in my drifts, and I guess I never published it.
Here you go.

My goal for my birthday celebration is to encourage people to be informed, and aware of their HIV status.
I decided I would celebrate with my community. We had three days of events ( my body was beyond sore, after). 
To kick things off, I did something, I've been wanting to do. I cute my hair off!

 All I knew was I wanted to be free, I wanted to release.
Thank you to my friend Twix, of Fade'em All Barber Shop in Las Vegas for hooking me up!

June 14th (my official birthday), we held a private BBQ for family & friends. Myself and Raniyah Copeland,
President and Chief Executive Officer, of The Black AIDS Institute, shared a few words on the history of HIV, especially with the black community. The Black AIDS Institute (BAI) is the only national HIV/AIDS think tank focused exclusively on Black people. The Institute’s mission is to stop the AIDS epidemic in Black communities by engaging and mobilizing Black leaders, institutions, and individuals, in efforts to confront HIV.

The theme for my birthday is Icon Living.

Each year my younger sister Patricia, makes a poster board for people to sign, I like to keep them.

With my niece Vaida & Older sister Kalani
Thank you to K.B's Kreative Kreations for making both of my birthday cakes.
If you followed last year's birthday celebration you know I always have a theme.
The Butterfly representation of endurance, change, hope, and life.

My squad goes hard. Sorry to everyone who missed the group picture.

To have this symbolic birthday celebration in park named in honor of one my mentors, now ancestors is beyond me๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’˜
 The Kianga Isoke Palacio Park is located in the amazing Historic Westside in Las Vegas.
My squad goes hard. ๐Ÿ’–

Thank you to Dj Omeezy for coming and spinning.

My niece is one of my biggest motivations & inspirations in my life. First her Mother, sparked my light, than God sent me Xoie for a recognition. 

 Thank you to Tiffani "Rose" May Chief Executive Officer
Rose Business Services, LLC for the oversea, of the first Hydeia Broadbent weekend.
You Alex Cotton, of Ginisis Media Graphics for my birthday & Essence Flyers.

Saturday we held a Test for a Ticket event, with AIDS Healthcare Foundation & Horizon Ridge Wellness Clinic of Southern Nevada.  AIDS Healthcare Foundation is a Los Angeles-based global nonprofit provider of HIV prevention services, testing, and healthcare for HIV patients. 
Horizon Ridge Wellness Clinic, is a non-profit is committed to providing quality, mental health, and/or substance abuse issues, for those diagnosed with HIV/AIDS in Las Vegas community.

 The first time I took part in a event like this was in Oakland with E40.  I was beyond scared, to speak at a rap concert. I just knew the kids, were going to boo me but they didn't. A dear friend reminded me, I once spoke at Russel Simmons hip hop action summit, and had a couple rappers crying๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ˜Œ.
People came out, learned about HIV awareness and prevention.

 Onsite HIV testing was available, we had fun and I was able to hangout with family, friends, and community members.
A big thank you to Pastor Hughes of Mt. Ararat Baptist Church for allowing us to bring an HIV testing van, on church grounds. A lot of churches won't even allow us to mention HIV.

Thank you to Undisputed Bike Club for my entrance to the church.
I love fast cars & motorcycles!

Thank you to Minister Stretch for coming out to do the prayer.
I use to run away from Minister Stretch, I knew he would challenge me, nothing but greatness. 

Thank you to Capucine Holmes of Horizon Ridge Clinic for coming out and spending the day with us and my birthday song.

I asked my family & friends to wear red in support of HIV awareness. 
Big Sis, Little Sis.

Thankful for Tanisha faith & walk with Christ. Through her unconditional love, we remained friends after high school.

 Pastor Hughes with my crew and AHF staff member

When people got tested, they had the option to receive an invite & concert ticket to my birthday party.
Thankful to my musical God father Tank, Eric Bellinger agreed to come out and perform.
I love to dance, I love music, so we partied for a purpose.

Hydeia pictured with Eric Bellinger & Samantha Granberry Vice President, Strategic Partnerships, Sales & Fundraising for AIDS Healthcare Foundation. 

with some of The Las Vegas AIDS healthcare foundation team. Who said changes makers weren't fly?๐Ÿ˜

Some of my fam bam๐Ÿ’– My #1 supporters. 
My fondest memory of my friend Tanishais when she told one of my high school boyfriends he was disrespectful. She said it so calmly, confident, and smooth.
You're friends should inspire you in some manner.  There were times, I wasn't the best advocate for myself. Thank God for growth & friends.

Having a group of professional friends that inspire, inform/teach & motivate is a must on this journey.
Thank you to Beauty by Bre for my makeup.
We went with goddess look

Thank you raheem_devaughn, and The Love Life Foundation for helping to continue the message of #Hydeia3530 in #NewOrleans. 
Thank you to my peeps, for coming out last night. 
I love my roses ⚘๐Ÿงก๐ŸŒน. Jumpsuit Devanna Love Boutique 

  One of the highlights of #essencefest, was collectively coming together to help bring awareness   around #HIV in fun and informative ways. Thank you to Black AIDS Institute for including #BAIAmbassadors19. My official return to the #essencefest center stage.

With BAI Ambassords Elle Halo, BAI President & CEO Raniyah Copeland, and Actress Vanessa A, Williams
 Thank you Tina Lifford for allowing me to share my monologue, during Tina Lifford presents "The Circle". Thank you Blacc_ahf for helping me celebrate.
I would like to thank Dr. Holly Carter
& Bethertv for creating this platform, and allowing me to share my story and celebrate!
Jumpsuit @devannaloveboutique


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  2. Happy Birthday!!! 35!?! I still remember the little kid making me laugh at NIH and camp.... wany some spaghetti-os ????

    John Pirtel

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