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Thank you to Rhinna & the Las Vegas Aces; for helping make my 34th birthday celebration memorable.

You maybe asking why this year I decided to have a full weekend celebration for my birthday?

The last few years I have not celebrated my birthday. Other than online acknowledgement, I didn't have a dinner, didn't buy a cupcake.
     Now as far back as I can remember, there was always a celebration around my birthday. Every year was a gift, my family, and I watched countless children die. We knew of the countless stories of people all around, not only the US but the world, who were passing away due to compilations from AIDS.
 We understood the importance of a celebration.
Unfortunately hardships leaked into our family life, hardships unseen to the public eye. Hardships that followed me into adulthood.
Not only was I dealing with the trauma, from being apart of the first generation of children born HIV positive, with advancement to AIDS. I was told I would not live past the age of five.
So yes we had something to celebrate.

As I came into adulthood, life starting hitting me full force. My life by miracles was extended many times but unfortunately I was not properly prepared for life.  As I started to grew older, more issues which I had no idea how to address, correct, or fix. Started to just take over, and took a hold. Than came the big crash, I just fell all the way off.

Because I was not, where I know I should have been in life, because I was facing battles without knowing God.  I did not see the importance of celebrating another birthday, or giving honor to God for my life.

 I recently give my life back to Christ (I've back slide about seven million times), I felt an overwhelming sense of importance of honoring, and thanking God for allowing me to see another year.   My purpose for the celebration was to take a moment in time to just escape from all negative, from all the bad. I honestly miss my family & friends. So many of us allow bad times to rob us from seeing any beauty in life. I had, had enough!

I decided I wanted to have a Black Panther theme birthday celebration. Now the party was to celebrate the beauty of the African Culture. I've had the privilege of traveling to continent  of African many times. It was not until my older adult years, when I understood, and began to value the greatness that is Africa.

God sent me a guardian angel by the name of Kianga Isoke Palacio.
  Growing up I needed a strong mentor, someone who could redirect my mindset. Kianga was that person. Kianga was the first person to show me, we had our own Wakanda in Las Vegas. Located right on the West Side of Las Vegas. West Las Vegas Art Center, which houses a group of some of the most phenomenal individual around. Individual who have bathed/breath our African culture. People who have the knowledge of our history right in the tip of their tongues.

When I veered off path again, I knew exactly where to go, who to contact, when I needed that connect back to the spirit of my ancestors. When I needed to reconnect with the African drum, which is said to be the heartbeat of Africa. I am blessed to have this knowledge.

This celebration came together with my family, friends and God. 
We had people who donated their services/skills. My biological niece flew in from Virginia to help, she's an awesome party planner (a little bossy yet gets the job done), my oldest sister on my adoptive side played executive assistant, to celebration, and photo shoot. My younger niece did my hair. My biological sister hooked my nails up. 
This was a true family comes together moment. I am honored, and grateful.
Now many are asking why didn't I just hosted a party in a club. Honestly my birthday's have always had a strong presents of youth. It doesn't seem right to do anything without including them. People who know me know I have a strong love for young people. Also they deserve a good time, positive/informative, something away from the craziness. 
I hope you enjoy a glimpse into the festivities. 
Vaida & Xoie (two of my nieces).
Xoie started with a head wrap, where did it go, we'll never know. This is the look of relief, Xoie is teething 😊 

Xoie's Mommy, my youngest adoptive sister Trisha.

 Sometimes colonizer's are invited to the cookout.
My adoptive father Loren. This man is actually the one who educated, and informed me people of color, are often seen as a threat to law enforcement. 
He has also brought many issues of social injustice to our attention.  
My adoptive Mother may have empowered me to be vocal but it has been my adoptive father who truly sparked my activism 

This year God has opened doors for me to connect with members of my biological family. 
My niece Adelina and nephew Jordon. 


   One of my favorite pictures from the night
I setup a table with African fabric sponsored by Sew Yeah Quilting
I knew few of the guest would not have anything African inspired to wear, I wanted to make sure everyone felt included.  My nephews made it there own!

Tuwani & Yoland; Part of my connection to our beloved Kianga

Y'all see my Dad with his headband on?

A big thank you to K.B's Kreative Kreations for my beautiful cake.



 My cake was inspired by Killmonger, one of my favorite characters.

I would like to thank my dear friend Alicia M for allowing us to come into your home. Thank you to your whole family for all of their help with setting up and breaking things down.
Thank you to Hasani for bring your drum, Tuwani for blessing us with a African dancing. 
Thank you to my adoptive Mother Patricia for allowing me to borrow some of your African art to bring.

This is just the start. Once I fix my personal financial situation, I plan on starting a 501 c3. I plan on turning my birthday in Las Vegas to an all start celebrity weekend. The weekend will be used to help give back to underprivileged communities  

I would like to thank Fenty Beauty for sending over makeup. Fenty was the only beauty company that responded to a request for products. The products were requested for my photo shoot but unfortunately. Check out my Instagram or Facebook.

 A big thank you to Las Vegas Aces for helping me end my birthday celebration in style. When the organization heard I was attending Aces Vs. Mercury game. They arranged for myself, and my group to take a picture with A’Ja Wilson. Thank you to my Aces crew for going with me, thank you for the good vibes, laughs, and awesome memories.

The end to my Las Vegas Celebration was attending the WNBA's Las Vegas Aces (3-8)  vs. Phoenix Mercury (9-3).



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