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E40 and I: Spreading HIV/AIDS Awareness in Oakland. Flash Back Friday.

I was recently going through pictures on Instagram, and came across pictures from a concert sponsored by AIDS Health Care Foundation. 

This concert was free but in ordered to attend, everyone had to take an HIV test. This was one of the best events, I've taken part in with reaching members of the community. 
I'm over the old fashion ways of promoting awareness. I'm down for fun and fresh ideas to reach the masses. 

I'll admit I was scared to speak right before a rap artist (E40, who I grew up partying to. Still get down to). The crowd was warm and welcoming. Everyone receptive.Often time rap and hip hop glorify acts/action without speaking on the possible consequences of our actions. Sometimes HIV can be a result for those not educated about the disease, as well as other STD's/STI's.

As I'm thinking about future projects, I would love to do another concert like this!
What artist do you think would be down with the movement and willing to participate?
Comment below different names. Let speak a movement into being!

So if I cross over to a Golden State Warriors Fan it will be because of E40 😁.