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Checking In: New meal ideas.

Hello Social Media friends💗 .

Just wanted to touch bases with any of my people battling depression, anxiety, and everything else that goes with mental health issues. I hope your staying strong in the fight!
I want you to know while I may not know your name, or face. I am praying for you, and thinking of you. As of now I'm doing well. I did have a setback a few weeks ago.
 I had a disagreement with a close member of my family, and it set me off course.  I have a side to me I try very hard not to unleash. This side is ugly. This side of myself actually scares me. Unfortunately I allowed events to weaken me and I snapped.
Immediately after I felt the biggest sense of  regret and disappointment in my self.
My other side is nothing people want to experience. While Hydeia's, words can be sweet as honeycombs. Deia is a whole other story.
Also as someone who just rededicated their live to Christ. I felt I failed him, though I do have to remember Christ did knock a few tables over in his day👊. Sometimes we have to be about it.
While I was dealing with these negative emotions I did slip a little on my eating right. I'm back on course now. Here are a few things I cooked up.
I am not one who is ready to completely given up everything. On the other hand, I'm starting to listen to my body. When you go without eating certain food or eating at certain places. One's body will let you know what it wants to accept and what it cannot accept. It will definitely reject what it doesn't want.   Listen💕.

I know it's hard to let go of everything we've been taught to consume but healthy eating is God's gift to us. Also there are some natural medicines which can be found in our food.
Now I know a lot of people are cutting out meat BUT I'm not on that level yet. Also with my medications, I have yet to learn which Vegetables will help my stomach feel full at night. My nighttime meds are the harshest. Honestly my side effects is what kept me from taking my meds for a while. 
Red meat is what my body is craving iron. Which is a sign of iron deficiency. Normally happens around one time of the month. 

Quesadilla has always been one my favorites. For this version, I used wheat tortillas and beans as a meat substitute. Cheese is lite  and so is the sour cream. My pizza from Blaze was when I was on the road traveling. It's a healthy option I was introduced to by a few of my health conscious friends. My pizza had more vegetables than meat. My fried chicken was made with unbleached organic flour. I still need to learn how to fry outwith using flour. Also you see avocado toast. I use to DISLIKE avocado, I would not eat it for anything. As I started to remove more foods from my diet I noticed I start craving different things, avocado became one of those things. You'll also learn as you are looking for more options which can fill you up. You'll be ready to try more vegetables and fruits.

   I'm big on breakfast. Probably one of my favorite food options. I'm the type of person who will eat breakfast for dinner. I switched to turkey bacon. Now with turkey bacon, you have to be careful of the brand you buy. Check out low sodium options. I also buy Special K 's Quiche's. Quiche has been one of my favorite since I was a kid. It's an egg dish. Shrimp, I often use when I sick of chicken. I also started using other potato options. For rice I use brown rice.