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O.M.G Conference: Outstanding Mature Girlz Conference

This past weekend I had the chance to speak to over 600 youth at the O.M.G (Outstanding Mature Girlz Conference), in Baton Rouge Louisiana.
This was my second year taking part in this conference.  I'm honored to be asked to return. I'm thankful for the opportunity to impart words and life lesson to young girls. I am very much aware programs/mentoring outreach for our young women of today is crucial for the success of our young women. I often speak of my own struggles, and how the lack of guidance played a big role in my life.
I've said time and time again, if you are a woman who has overcome any type of struggle, made a successfully life when all the odds were against you. I encourage you to give back. Our young women need guidance in this crazy world.

 First I would like to pay respect to the woman who start the O.M.G Program.
  Sashika Baunchand. Sashika had a vision years ago of creating a place of empowerment for young ladies, a place where they can learn values, and the importance of self worth, a place where they are FREE TO BE... young, phenomenal, women, and a place where they can be mature enough to discuss the ongoing issue of STD's and HIV/AIDS...a place where every girl should totally be in life, and that place is a place of balance, and a place of peace.


Before the start of conference I had the chance to spend time with The Affrro Twinz ( they made a big name for themselves online through their dance videos).  I have to say, these two super amazing young women, have a positive ora, which burst through when in their presence. Also look out for a future dance video from me and the twins. They promised they would create something easy for me 
 Also had the chance to spend time with Kheris Rogers creator of Flexin In My Complexion. Kheris started her movement after being bullied for her dark skin (I was shocked and thrown off that a beautiful young woman who be greeted with such hate).  

So many woman took time to attend, volunteer and provide different services. 

Pictured with Jamar Ennis: Executive Director
Louisiana Youth For Excellence (LYFE) 
 Pictured here with Sharon Weston Broome and Talia. 
 Mayor-President of the city of Baton Rouge. Sharon is the first woman to be elected Mayor.
Talia is a editor for The Shade Room. Yes we spoke about HIV/AIDS Awareness and how it's covered in blogs💗.

Baton Rouge Family💖

LaTavia Roberson one of the founder member's of Destiny's Child. 
LaTavia gave a powerful speech on overcoming obstacles and disappointments. I have to props to LaTavia for using her life as a tool to inspire and help others.
 Affrroo Twins with Tanny Fanny.
All you Queen Sugar fans. Tanyell plays Keke.
Another powerful young woman using her platform to inspire change.

 When you make friends from your previous stop in a city💕💖

I'm sorry for anyone I missed. Please see the hashtag #IssaReflectionOfMe and #OMGConference2k18 for more pictures.

Thank you to Love Alive Church for hosting me Sunday morning, before I traveling back home .
As someone who just recently gave my life back to Christ. It's a blessing to have somewhere to worship and praise while on the road. 
Pictured with lead Pastors Ronaldo and Cristian Hardy.  
I would like to send a big thank you to Pastor Ericka for giving me the invite. I know nothing is random, I'm thankful our paths crossed at the O.M.G Conference.


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