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Update (still going !)

It's been a minute since I've post but I wanted to share I'm still working on getting things in-order, I have not fallen off the wagon (again), and claiming I won't this time around!

One of the main things I've been working on and staying on top of is my eating habits, and also working out (lite workout as of now).
(still in progress) 

Why I am putting focus and energy into this part of my life?  I realized my weight and physically appearance was playing a part in my unhappiness. So I needed to make a change in-order to bring what makes me happy back into my life. This is a one area, don't judge me for being a little vein.  You may not have noticed my weight gain because I was really good at wearing appropriate attire for my body. 
 Also, I was meeting so many senior citizens, who attributed they're health problems now, to how they were eating when they were younger. They also stated what they were doing/not doing for their bodies. I'm also over seeing women in their 50's  with better bodies than me at 33.  I want to have energy for Xoie (my new baby niece). Follow me on IG to see meet her 💕💕. I want to live a healthy, long life.   I'm just now really put an emphasis on working out. I first started with cutting out eating out so much, next was a cut on alcohol intake (I'm a tequila girl) next was walking to close areas in my neighborhood to make sure I was moving my body. Also cooking healthier then I was (still need work in that area but I'm doing better). Also I want to wear a banging ass bathing suit (vein yes I know). Now if you are saying buying healthy is too expensive, remember I am going through a Valley in my life right now (meaning my money is funny). $20 can make a meal. I would just buy a couple pieces of vegetables or fruit, and a main meat. (I'm not ready to give up meat, not sure if I'll ever be. I cut back on soda as well (which is really hard for me). I am also big on portion control now.
Small changes at first, small steps at first. That's all it takes.

I also forgot how much I love cooking, its therapeutic for my depression. Also helps kill time through the day, while I'm waiting on God to work through my life. I also love cooking for my loved one, which I hope to pick up on soon!
 Here are a couple pictures of meals I've made. Yes I need to work on my presentation.
Just wanted to share for anyone battling depression. Yes steps are working for me, hope they will help someone else.
Baked chicken, a lot more vegetables, grilled chicken and salmon (which I accidentally broke apart), shrimp when I'm over chicken. Crab legs, I only brought two (which was a treat that day) and I CANNOT stress WATER intake is very important. I love eggs so inside of my omelet is avocados, bell peppers and onions (missing spinach). I also cut out eating as many potatoes as I use to but have not given them up all the way.

A big thank you to ALL of my social media friends who played a big part in inspiring me. To see the pictures of people I personally know losing weight, helped me realize it was possible f💗or me to!