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Thank you Beyonce!

I recently made a Facebook post on my official page but felt my feelings were so deep on this subject I need to share with my social media friends.

First let me say I was sparked to say something when I seen an article or posting about Shaun King, an activist associated with Black Lives Matter. Shaun was detained by immigration officials upon reentry into the United States of America. I've often traveled outside of the county, and the immigration process, which allows you to see if you'll be let back into the United States is scary one (even when the US Government sponsored my trips, I still had a little fear).
Then I seen the bashing of Beyonce, from members of her own community, after her Coachella performance I became furious.

The fact Shaun King was stopped, meanings "they're" watching this man, and his family, and their moves. Because he is speaking out!

Beyonce worked her ass off to reach top status ( yes she is one of our top performers) , I am not sure if Beyonce was always woke, and knew what it took to get to the top. To than reach the top and speak out on our issues but sister woman, is using her platform to empower, encourage and show us we can make it not only to the top but also OWN  our own platforms, from our power within. To say stop killing us , on a national stage, in-front of most of the world.  This woman is using national stages, stages not owned by US to send a message AND enough POWER of her OWN to be ALLOWED to deliver these message and not be stopped.

When most artist are scared of repercussions nor hold the power to speak out.
I had to share my feelings, I'm often outspoken, sometimes on things that matter and sometimes on BS (now shifting my attention back on things that matter). Do I think my work has been affected by the things I say, absolutely!

Remember our great leader were killed for speaking out, understand the risk these people are taking to stand for us!   

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