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Vacation, reflection and peace of mind: Celebration of Sisterhood

Back at the end of March I seen a posting on Instagram for a cruise but not just any cruise. This was a cruise for women featuring Karen Civil as a guest speaker.
Now I've been following Karen Civil for a while now on social media, and at this time in my life as I go through major life and career transitions, I knew it would be a good idea to hear what Karen had to share. Karen has been very successful and made major moves with social media and many other accomplishments. At this point in my life I'm taking time to learn and absorb and gain as much insight and information as I can.  The goals I have are so big, they require some major knowledge. I love gaining insight from people who are humble and down to earth, I love individuals who are not afraid to share their backstory/struggles or journey of the road to obtaining their goals in life. I'm actually drawn more to those individuals and inspired more so than by others.

Now after years of conferences, summits and hearing thousands of people speak on different subjects, at this time in my life you have be someone pretty awesome to get me to not only come and hear you speak but also pay.  
Lord knows I need some major inspiration and motivation so I took this as a sign, I called my younger cousin and said "let's do this!" No convincing her, she was down.
Now my activism work has allowed me to travel all over the world but I've never taken a vacation. I've been blessed with opportunities that I've been able to bring family or friends along to make great memories but its still not the same. This time it was no work involved, no thinking, just relaxing and taking time to ponder.

As months passed and it seemed like right before the cruise, things became kind of hard, potential endorsement deal fail through and professional business partnerships ended. I was now questioning if I should even take this trip. I have a comfort zone I like to stay in and with tapping into my saving I became little panicked.  After speaking to two of my best friends it was very clear, I needed to get away from everything and regroup (before I ended up chocking someone).
So with a heavy heart I cashed in a few frequent flyer miles, a friend was able to get a hotel room sponsored in Miami and we were off.

I'm glad I didn't allow the made up fears in my mind to keep me home, I'm happy I allowed faith to guide my steps. I walked away again fulled with inspiration and drive and the reality of the goals I have at hand are obtainable.  

Hope you enjoy these pictures from my time in paradise!
Thank you to Tiffany & Sharae of The Ultimate Journey Travel Ageny for creating and following through with this vision.
I hope to continue to attend as Celebration of Sisterhood Cruise grows.

With Karen Civil after her presention

The Bahamas is currently on my vision board and taking a cruise is on my bucket list. I made a declaration that I wanted to start living life so off we went.

Thank you to Sarita for doing my makeup in the picture below and also Tiffany's makeup
Ladies in the the Jersey area contact @Untamedcurves on Instagram for your next event or when you just want to look fab!

 I had the opportunity to meet so many fabulous women from different walks of life, it was nice being around everyone in a very relax sitting. While many did recognize me I was still able to just be one of the girls. Now I have to say I wished I live on a boat, of course I was not ready to come back but I will say I am in a better mind space and ready to conquer the world and achieve theses crazy life goals of mine.
If you can live life, take moments to step away and regroup. We need to practice this thing called self love. It doesn't have to be a grind gesture but something just for you. Self preservation is key to life
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Sidebar: Now there maybe this little rumor I entered a booty shaking contest. While "Hydeia" didn't but her twin by another name did. I'm sorry but at first there were not black women stepping up and black women are the originators of big booties, I had to step up, I mean my twin had to step up. Once I seen countless cellphones recording I was mortified. Now this is not normal behavior from ya girl since her late 20's but I guess things happens in Grand Turk.