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Thank you Martin Shkrel for raising AIDS drug from $13.50 to $750 a tablet.

Martin Shkrel I would like to thank you for a great business move you decided to make. While you're trying to save your company and make a profit for your pocket, you got everyday people we've been trying to reach to pay attention.This is a move that many activist have been waiting for, for many years.
Maybe it was just for a moment for a brief second but with that second we were allowed to bring to light to one of the many struggles of the reality of living with HIV/AIDS.
Expensive cost of medications designed to keep people alive. Crazy part maybe even a genius move made by you (business view point)  This is not even the cost for everyday medication many living with HIV/AIDS. The medicaition in question Daraprim is a drug used for standard of care for treating a life-threatening parasitic infection. Which for those living with AIDS these infections can be deadly. While the Doctors are trying to save lives, the strategically planned price hick would be genius. Because after all what Doctor wants to lose a patient to an infection that can be treated with a medication available on the market and been around for 62 years.
What I am thanking you for, is because while you can put a price tag on the human life, my peers, friends and community would not stand for it.  The out pour on social media was overwhelming and as you know caused you to rethink the decision.

While so many may argue the cost of medication is covered by insurance and the government funded programs like " Ryan White Comprehensive AIDS Resources Emergency (CARE) Act" does that mean we should overcharge people because we can?
Because we know there is a system and the money is cycled back and it seems like nothing comes out of our own pockets but as tax payers we should feel a certain way about Pharmaceutical companies and these outrages cost.
As one of my awesome Facebook friends commented " It's sad that our society ever let medicine become a private business. If the public could be relied on to support the government in paying for research so that the advancement of medicine wasn't directly tied to someone's bottom line then the world would be much better off. But heaven forbid we raise taxes for something so socialist as gov't funded pharmaceutical research."

Hopefully this move made by you will allow people to continue to have conversations around HIV/AIDS and help promote awareness and most of all prevention. If anything else this should help people to open their eyes about the decisions the make when it comes to their sexual health. 
While now HIV/AIDS is manageable doesn't mean its an easy task to handle. 

I hope we continue to keep our eyes open for one and another and speak up about the BS that we see.


  1. I don't have hiv/aids. I still want to help. What can I do an where do I start?

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