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Hydeia's Throwback Thursday: Something awesome did come out of the Republican party me :)

First off, no I am not a republican but won't lie and say I've never voted republican before.
Someone sent me the video of when I once spoke at 1996 Republican party along side Mary Fisher and thought it would be great for my throw back Thursday series since all this political talk going on right now.

Mary Fisher  is an American political activist, artist and author. After contracting HIV from her second husband, she has become an outspoken HIV/AIDS activist for the prevention, education and for the compassionate treatment of people with HIV and AIDS. She is particularly noted for speeches before two Republican Conventions: Houston in 1992 and San Diego in 1996. The 1992 speech has been hailed as "one of the best American speeches of the 20th Century.
Mary Fisher urged the Republican Party to handle the AIDS crisis and the HIV positive with compassion.

I am not sure when exactly when I first met Mary Fisher but at a young age she became a close family friend.

The day of the convention I remember looking around and seeing the display of the elephant which is the republican party's symbol.
That's when I first knew something about this wasn't right. Once we were taken to the holding room I kept saying "he's not going to win" I am not sure if I meet Senator Bob Dole or heard the name in passing but I had a keen instinct he wasn't taking that W.  What I do remember is my Mother coming over to me at one point and telling me to stop saying he wasn't going to win. Children know no better than to speak the truth.
Dang I wish I didn't have this thick as veil now as an adult, don't understand this statement ask someone you know who is heavily involved in church.
Well here is the link to the video
I make my grand appearance at the 52:45 mark.
Thankful for the opportunity to speak during this convention,  looking at the history of how some members of  the republican party's address the epidemic they needed to hear these words.

Republican Convertion Evening Session 
52:42 mark!

This is actually my first time seeing this as well!