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Dear Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Eazy-E had AIDS!

Dear member of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

Unfortunately I got a glimpse of the interview where you stated you don’t believe Eazy- E died due to complications from AIDS.  One member said “He died too quickly” well in 1995 we did not have the medical advancement we do today. I am not sure but I believe Eazy-E was informed of his status when he progressed to AIDS. First he would have had to contract HIV. HIV is a virus that gradually attacks immune system cells. As HIV progressively damages these cells, the body becomes more vulnerable to infections, which it will have difficulty in fighting off. It is at the point of very advanced HIV infection that a person is said to have AIDS.
 It was not uncommon back than for a person to be diagnosed and pass quickly, that was the frightening thing about this epidemic, a lot of people died at a rapid speed.   
Another member stated “ He didn’t look like a person dying from AIDS” Because people do not actually die from AIDS, but rather die from complications due to AIDS from  opportunistic infection, or an AIDS related cancer. The infections are called ‘opportunistic’ because they take advantage of the opportunity offered by a weakened immune system.  There are many different type of opportunistic infections that affect people differently. When watching countless friends die due to complications from AIDS, I do not remember seeing “this look” you speak of.
What do believe you are referring to is AIDS wasting syndrome which occurs when you have AIDS and lose at least 10% of your body weight -- especially muscle but everyone that has AIDS does not experience this.  
I will not address the rumors of how Eazy-E contracted HIV/AIDS because honestly I do not know but when you say no one else became infected I have to reply that,  I guess its unlikely others maybe living with HIV/AIDS without publicly disclosing. Like that's never happened & still isn't happening today.
Also we have a great example in Magic Johnson and Cookie Johnson: When Magic was diagnosed with HIV, Cookie Johnson had just found out she was pregnant with their son EJ. Both Cookie and EJ are HIV negative!
I feel like all this speculation takes away from the fact that Eazy-E himself spoke up and became public before his death and disclosed his status to help others.
“I just feel I've got thousands and thousands of young fans that have to learn about what's real when it comes to AIDS." Eazy-E  1995.
So with that statement I feel like he wanted people to be informed and make better decisions. I command Eazy-E for coming forward, people don't lie about contracting HIV, there’s too much judgement, stigma attached to HIV/AIDS for all that.

I'm not a big conspiracy theorist but what I do know is AIDS is still very present and with Eazy-E’s own words from the statement read on his behalf it seems like he would want people to be informed.
After all wasn’t that a big part of his legacy? Making noise and speaking up for the people when something needed to be said and heard?

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  1. yassss this blog is LIFE! So accurate and true. Thank you for pointing this out and calling them out. I can not stand when people discuss things they no nothing about. Thanks for dropping the knowledge and advice to others.

  2. Bone thugs seem to be delusional. Ive heard krazie bone talk and say eazy kept his weight and looked healthy. But when I look at pictures of eazy and compare 1993 photos e g Real Compton city gs video, early 1994 - Any last words video, and then compare them to eazy in early 1995 e.g in the video "for the love of money" with bone or eazy's interview with bone on The Box, eazy looks skinny and frail

  3. Well-said. Thanks for addressing this. As a fan of Bone Thugs and Eazy, this interview disappointed me deeply.

    The amount of delusion in the hip-hop community on this issue is staggering. And depressing. It's no wonder black folks are among the fastest rising risk groups for HIV. They'd rather believe in some secret injection plot by Suge or Jerry Heller than the fact that Eazy admitted--ON AIR to Howard Stern--that he has sex without condoms and was safe from AIDS because his sex partners "looked healthy". Ironically, that's the exact same mess people are saying to prove he didn't have AIDS: that he looked well and didn't lose weight before his death, etc. BUT HE DIED THO.

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