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Hydeia, Ampro and Until There's A Cure.

As of now I'm sure you are aware that the official ad from Ampro was released. What did you think?
That's a dangerous question to ask but yes I want to you.
Very soon you will see ad's everywhere. I want to thank Ampro for allowing me to highlight my partership with Unti There's A Cure, a little about my the partnership . Customers select Hydeia Broadbent as the beneficiary to receive an amount equal to 25% of their purchases. I  can earn ongoing funds, which will be remitted to me on a quarterly basis to fund  out of pocket expenses for raise awareness projects and out of pocket medical experience and basic living requirements. I explain more in this video blog
When ordering please make sure to site Hydeia Broadbent in donation box! Please visit to order your bracelet today 

OK so I have to remember to smile before recording starts :)