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The devalue of the African American life.

The devalue of the African American life.
First let me say I apologize if you find this blog offensive, my way of thinking is a little different than most.
I understand that from the beginning we were never respected or treated with respect, along the way we had an army of people from all ethnicity who helped fight for the rights we have today. It’s sad and clear that the human life no longer seems anything of value to most individuals, I really can’t even comprehend the mindset of most today and I no longer try to. I've learned life is really about simply learning to live together with people whose views and thinking our very different from our own while still respecting the other person.
I wish that my community would get back to the building up of our people.  Are you apart of the programs that help those in the commmunity? Are you encouraging and showing inner city youth that there is more to the world and on the tips of their fingers if they strive for greatness?  
Seems like somewhere down the line some of us made it up and out of neighborhoods, while you can never forget from you came from we just never went back to revisit or do the work that is needed to help our people. We can fight for acceptance or work on helping create individuals who you wouldn't mind being around. I've heard the comment many times “I can only do my people in small dozes” or “I don’t go around certain groups of people”.
It’s clear the negative image outweighs the positive image of African Americans.  At times as I scroll down my Facebook I see the countless videos of the fighting and other really sad behavior.  I’m aware of websites that also promote destructive behavior for entertainment purpose, I’m aware of those who have sold out on reality TV for a pay check. These are the images that our communities are taking in; people who have really huge voids who can’t determine between entertainment and reality, they are the ones being filled with these negative images. These images for the common person are seen as fun and light and unaware of the underline harm that is not caught by the average eye.

I am a person who believes in the power of mentor-ship, while I've been able to experience some really great things and traveled a lot of places and meet some amazing people it was your typical “everyday” women who had a great influence over me when the world had a hold on me. I've spoken countless times about having really difficult years, years that were plagued with hurt and pain and sometimes made me unpleasant to be around.  I contribute my turn around to individuals within my community, those involved in rites of passage programs, individual dedicated to instilling values within the youth to create productive members of society. Too many of us are OK with bashing and arguing with the opposition instead of attacking and working on the negative images that hunt us. These same videos and other images we are seeing means others outside of our communities are seeing, while we know no one person   represents everyone for someone else constantly seeing only negative images would reflect a negative view on everyone. This issue is so deep and complex there can be many ways to address this issue but the point of my post was to simply saysomeone cannot find value in what they do not respect. At times I feel we failed our ancestors who suffered and endured for us to live today, those that became before us were about the people; today we must ask what are we about?