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Dear Lil Kim

Dear Lil Kim,

Please STOP, stop now!
Now I grew up on Lil Kim and no one can deny we seen a resemblance between Nicki Minaj and you when she first came out. 
 ( don't believe me just google Lil Kim diss Nicki Minaj and click on images)
The only ones who may deny this are those darn 90’s babies who love rap but know nothing about the ones who helped paved the way. I’m sure somewhere down the line you felt disrespected, I’ve heard a few interviews but I don’t remember the whole story but that’s old news. Also respect is something lost on this new generation anyways.
  Wasn't the point of making waves and breaking down doors so someone else could have a shot? I’m not sure if you know this about show business there will always be someone new, that doesn’t mean your work is discredited just means its someone’s else time.  Now I’m not die hard Nicki Minaj fan but I can give respect where respect is due she’s doing her thing, no one can argue on that fact but what I find to be sad is you still coming for someone who is paying you NO attention. Haven’t you heard the saying “a queen does not leave her leave her throne to address peasants”? I would have loved for you to put out a mixtape where you just did what Kimmy does, just rap.  I’m not sure what people in your camp are telling you but right now this isn’t a good look.  You need a friend that behind closed doors you can vent to because we don’t want to hear you mention Nicki anymore.
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