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What you can expect from Oprah's Where Are They Now.

I’m super excited for this update on Oprah’s Where Are They Now.
If you follow me on social media you know it’s one of my goals to meet the big O (again) this is a small step but it’s a step. 
I have to say a big THANK you to everyone who submitted my name, you guys did it. From posting on OWN’s Facebook page to their official website they heard your voice loud and clear and for that I’m grateful
I was first contacted by Harpo back in 2012 but it wasn't the right time but you guys never gave up.
I have to explain it’s not the interview or being seen on TV that I’m excited about but the fact you guys pulled for me has truly motivated me.  At times it’s very hard to stay in this fight, getting people to listen and or care. I won’t even go into trying to finding sponsors or funding for projects that I’ve devolved or I’m partnering with,  I won’t lie at times is draining and hard to hang onto hope.  Because of you guys and your support I’m hang on and giving it another year to go after everything I want to bring to light. Myself and countless others are fighting an epidemic that is no longer in the headlines and let’s say it, AIDS is no longer the “it” disease.
Knowing what I know about living with AIDS I feel I would be doing a disservice not just to myself but others because HIV/AIDS is 100% preventable.  
OK enough with my rant……
What can you expect from this update; well I’m opening up about growing pains from relationships with guys because I’m always asked about my dating life (y’all just noisy j/p )  to what it was like growing up in the spotlight. Not sure what they will use because I have no control over editing but I wanted people to see me in another light, I am now a woman. A woman who faced struggles not just in growing up with AIDS but all type of struggles, struggles some of you may be surprised by how deep they were.  I can’t go too deep and I’ll blog again after they airing but overall I’m excited about the fact that we will be talking about AIDS, I hope this from this segment you’ll start a dialog with your family, friends and coworkers.
Until next time