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My trip to Namibia!

This past April I traveled to Namibia with the US State Department, I presented for their week long HIV/AIDS Awareness program.  I’ve wanted to go back to Africa for a while now; Namibia is located in Southern Africa.  When I was 15 I had the chance to travel to Ghana but I at that time I was not mature enough to truly take the experience to heart. Now being an adult I was truly looking forward to this experience.  Travels begin on April 19th from Las Vegas to Chicago, from Chicago to Germany, from Germany to Namibia. I landed in Namibia on the 21st.  Little did I know at the time I had pneumonia, day of travel it started with a sour throat.  I simply believed I was stressing or coming down with a cold. Because I knew how much money was spent on putting this event together I felt backing out at the last minute would be rude and unprofessional. Each day I had to present my day started with a high fever, I’ve never taken so much cold medicine in my life. My body ached and I had cold sweats through the night and day.  I have to admit it was scary being alone in a different county not feeling to well, I am happy to say I did not miss one engagement that was scheduled. I wanted to give my all and take everything in, this after all this could possibly be the last time I had the chance to visit Africa.  From Namibia we had to take another flight later on that afternoon to Katima  from Windhoek.  We spent two days in Katima where I presented at The University of Namibia: Katima Mulilo Camps.  After that we drove about 5 hours to Rundu.  The next day we drove about 5 or 6 hours to Windhoek where I gave my last speech for the US Embassy at Polytechinc of Namibia.
During the trip I was able to meet wonderful people and experienced a different culture. Traveling to the remote parts of Namibia and visiting the different villages I felt a sense of gratitude for the simple blessing we have here in America. I had the chance to speak to HIV positive people in a clinic, patients would walk for hours just to get their medicine and because of under staffing people wait almost all day. One of the biggest questions I got was how to tell a partner or the person you are dating that you are HIV positive, answer is simply too long for this post.  I was brought as encouragement to the patients to show someone who has been living with AIDS for over ten years, some of the patients were losing hope and wanted to stop meds. Also because of shortage of food some food it hard to take the medications, I know personal that the meds can cause havoc on ones stomach.  While things are hard here in the US it is nowhere near as bad as some other counties have it. I will admit things could be better here in the US and need improvement.   While in Katima I went to village where the adults got together to take care of children who lost their parents due to AIDS, these adults with very limited funds would take turns preparing meals for the young people. I watched them stand in line to get water from a well and carry buckets back to the village. I can say the spirit of the people was always pleasant, so happy about the simple things.  
I will prove the name of the group in case it is in anyone heart to donate.  

AIDS Awareness ribbons painted on the walls of the city

Sign right outside my hotel room, at night I would run because I was scared a crocodile would be waiting for me.

Bring water back to their homes..

Hotel on the river.

Site seeing on my free time.

Name of the Group: Chiseho project
Lang Barrow:
 Location: Choto Compound Katima Mulilo
Bank: Standard Chartered Katima Branch
Branch Code: 080672
Swift Code sbnmnanx
Postal Address: Hage Gengob Street
                          Box 559 Ngweze
                          Katima, Caprivi
                          Namibia, Southern Africa
 Group Account Details
Account Number: 568929012

Account type: Cheque Account