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If you have not seen Tyler Perry’s Temptation DO NOT read (spoiler alert)!

As a young woman living with AIDS, let me first say I personally didn’t feel any type of way about the subject being brought up in Temptation. People are saying Judith (Jurnee Smollett-Bell) was not with Brice ( Lance Gross) in the end because she contracted HIV. I did not see it that way, the way I saw it was that Judith had royally messed this guy over. Judith broke his heart and probably lost his trust and Lord let’s not talk about what she did to his pride, cheating with someone especially men is not something that many can just get over.  Judith and Brice were supposed to be really good friends, childhood friends that would not disrespect each other and above all loyalty was key. The ending was open for interpretation and our minds can lead us in different directions. Because I am a person who sees the glass half full when many see it has half empty, I did not think that the characters went separate ways because she was HIV positive.

I can say that  I am happy the subject was brought up because 1 in 4 new HIV infections occurs in youth ages 13 to 24 years, right now in the US 76,400 young people (13-24) are living with #HIV, about 1,000 per month, are infected with HIV. 60% of all youth, with HIV do not know they are infected, are not getting treated, and are unknowingly pass the virus on to others. Temptation did something that we are missing. Entertainment often makes sex look all beautiful and fun; go have sex with whoever you want and double back to your original partner with no consequences. This isn’t reality, the reality is you could possibly contract an incurable disease and maybe infect someone you love. In a self-indulgent society were we want instant satisfaction without thinking about consequences. Temptation makes people think about the choices they make and how it can affect the people we love. At the end of day Judith made choices that affected her in more ways than she could have imagined. Hopefully people will start thinking about their actions and their health.  I can’t help but to think maybe people are just reaching and want something to go off on Tyler Perry about. People are saying Mr. Perry is addressing HIV/AIDS as if it is some sort of punishment and like life is completely gloomy after diagnosis.

Prevention and awareness is important, we are dealing with a double edged sword here. We must educate one group of non-infected individuals about the reality of this disease; which I can say myself is nothing easy or a walk in the park without sending those with the HIV/AID into depression with the delivery.  AIDS is not the death sentence it once was, people are living longer with full lives, families and relationships.  Anyone living with HIV/AIDS is encouraged to seek and maintain care. On treatment a person has less than a 3% chance of passing HIV unto their partner. HIV positive women can now have children without passing HIV unto their child.  There is hope after a positive test but going on to say that doesn’t mean people should go out not practicing safe sex or maintain monogamous relationships. Living with HIV/AIDS is not as simple as taking one pill a day.

I honestly do not think as an HIV/AIDS community, we will ever think anyone person can get it right. When it comes to spreading awareness we all have different delivery methods because we all have different stories.
HIV/AIDS is not a punishment but it can be a consequence of our actions or the actions of others.


  1. Very well written. Thank you for being so open and educating us even more.

  2. Very well said and I agree with how you saw the ending. Brice to me would have stood by her no matter what, if she could of just turned away from the other guy when her husband asked her to. She tore him down and in saying that I believe she could not bounce back emotional from what she had done to him which I could see her feeling as though she did not deserve his love and respect. I love Tyler Perry, his movies (messages) have you going within and thinking about real life situations and how you can relate and make changes for the best. I support Tyler Perry!!! Thank you Hydeia for sharing your life with the world, to put a face on HIV/AIDS gives more clarity. You are truly blessed.

  3. Hi Hydeia, You came and spoke at my workplace, BASF in Mt. Olive NJ, back in the 90's. I was president of the African American Employee's Group at the time, and was so inspired by your testimony. I am so glad to see that you are still doing well. Keep up the good work of spreading HIV/AIDS awareness.

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